Guadeloupean rapper Titis shot dead in Sainte-Marie, Martinique

Guadeloupean rapper Titis, whose real name is Curtis Kaboul, was killed on Thursday, September 22, 2022 in the Fond Saint Jacques district of Saint Marie. He was attending a private party when shots were fired. he was hit by a bullet in the throat. He was in Martinique for the filming of a clip. The perpetrators of the shootings are wanted by the police.

Guadeloupean trap artist Titis, whose real name is Curtis Kaboul, took part in the night of Wednesday September 21 to Thursday September 22 at a private party in Sainte-Marie in Martinique.

This party ended in blood. Shots were fired this Thursday morning around 4:00 a.m. at Fonds Saint-Jacques in Sainte Marie, in a house at 191 rue du Gaoulé.

Individuals opened fire on people who were taking part in this celebration. Hit in the neck. Titis was in cardiac arrest when help arrived.

Another person was also shot in the leg. This victim left the scene before the arrival of help, is hospitalized in a serious condition.

We do not know the exact circumstances of this tragedy. A police investigation has been opened.

The artist Titis of Guadeloupe origin is known in the musical environment more precisely in the underground. During the evening he sang for the public “Side Shit” his title which revealed him to the public and in particular on social networks where he displays 1,400,000 views.

The artist was in Martinique for the filming of a clip. It is the incomprehension after the announcement of his death in this shooting at Saint-Jacques funds in Sainte-Marie. Several testimonials pay tribute to the artist.


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